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Why hire us?

Today, more than ever, we believe that multiplayer games are the best way to provide years of entertainment to players, they fundamentally hook into an instinctive desire for social belonging and interpersonal exchange.

The Multiplayer Guys have been making multiplayer games for a combined total of over 1000 years, with an average of 10 years for each team member.

We’ve been involved in definitive best practices on console, MMOs, console-first multiplayer records, full-physics based multiplayer (gulp!), the biggest shooters and many high profile console racing games.

We know how to build Server/Client architecture, P2P, GaaS and F2P, rolling out live ops and running successful services.

If you need us, and if you can find us (you can, details below)

Then you can hire: The Multiplayer Guys.

Who we are

We are like you, game developers. We’re nuts about games, we’re gamers and we fundamentally believe in Multiplayer Games. They bind us together with shared experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

They power cooperation and competition, driving emergent, player-driven moments which hook into our social instincts and desires. They are truly meaningful and essential now and in the future.

We specialise in developing Multiplayer Games and exist to supply this expertise to our partners.

What we do


Software Engineering, Art, Design and QA.


We are platform-agnostic. We are currently developing on UE4, Unity, plus a variety of proprietary engines, and we work with all consoles, mobile and streaming platforms including current and next-gen.


We’re already working with some of the world’s biggest AAA multiplayer brands. This breadth and depth of experience means that we are incredibly well-equipped to help develop all styles of multiplayer games.

Problems we solve for our clients


We’re set up to help developers deliver their multiplayer experiences, including fully scalable server/client architecture, sync/async peer to peer and rolling out live ops on consoles, PC or mobile. We’ve pretty much done it all in our long service to the games industry so get in touch if you need some help, we’re sure we can.


We have a growing art team – turbo charged with cutting edge workflows, using standard and procedural tools, to help you visualise the world’s most valuable multiplayer experiences.
Visually, we know what multiplayer games need: a broad yet ownable appeal that engages and delights players – helping to establish a global culture.

We also know you need technically robust assets that are easy to integrate and don’t cut on quality; created using pipelines that unlock rapid scalability.
Let us widen those most stubborn art bottlenecks, or work with us to develop your ideas into the next multiplayer phenomenon.


To support our core disciplines, we also run teams with dedicated designers, producers and QA to make sure we can deliver every time.

In our view a good multiplayer mode enhances EVERY game, even ones where a multiplayer element can’t easily be identified. There’s always a good way to increase your player’s retention & happiness, though sometimes you have to get a bit crazy to think of it, that’s where we can help too.

How we work with you

We’re flexible on this point and have experience using scrum, agile, waterfall and various other ways to project manage games. Right now, tools we use include Slack, Zoom, Teams, Hangouts and Skype.

Our engineers work on your code-base, and are on your Jira and Confluence; Our team becomes part of your team, including joining daily standups to ensure the priorities are set correctly, work is visible to all and communication is free-flowing.

We pride ourselves on our proven ability to deliver and exceed the expectations set by our partners, even with the tightest of deadlines.

Yeah all that’s great but I need an internal solution!

Many companies and team leads are reluctant to outsource this kind of development as they’d prefer an in-house solution for obvious reasons.

We think you’re right, that’s definitely the best way when you can get the right skills.

We’re here for those companies that don’t have the skills in-house already or can’t pragmatically get them in time; we’ll integrate with your team remotely  and work with your leads to maintain visibility at all times.

If you’d like to chat to one of our partners to find out how we’ve made this work for them, we’d be more than happy to put you in touch.

How do you engage with us?

Contact us. We will arrange an initial call to talk through who we are and how we work. We’d love to hear about your game and how you think we can help you. We have NDAs ready to go, so let us know and if helpful, we can exchange these prior to the call.


Project teams range from 2 members up to full scale game teams across all disciplines. We have staff located across the world, so we are able to cover many timezones, and we operate with around 50% of our staff in our Nottingham, UK office.  We build teams to suit the project and only commit to projects we know we can nail.

Some AAA partners and IP we are supporting

Our Story

The Multiplayer Guys was founded by industry veterans Rik Alexander, Steve Bennett and Rocco Loscalzo. Our development team is 100 strong and growing and are all multiplayer nuts averaging over 10 years of experience developing predominantly multiplayer aspects for games across console, PC & mobile platforms.

We have continued to grow since our acquisition by the multiplayer games technology company Improbable in 2019. We are very proud to be part of Improbable, and benefit enormously from being part of a larger, multi-faceted technology-driven company. While we will always use and recommend the best technologies for our client’s specific requirements, we can now offer a joined up response, involving a full range of networking technology and multiplayer game operation services. The Multiplayer Guys are a collection of experts backed by the world’s most exciting and secure multiplayer technology company.

Get in touch if you want to know more about us, our experience and availability.

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