Senior Animators

We’re looking for Senior Animators to join our team.

What you’ll be doing

As a Senior Animator you’re an expert at what you do, bringing to the role experience, creative skills and a consistent high quality. Adding you to a project lifts the quality of the animation. You may have specialist areas or experience in crafts that are adjacent to your specialism that make you quite diverse.

You will be able to take high-level creative direction and estimate, schedule and execute relevant tools/work depending on the stage of the creative process. 

You’ll take work to final approval and assist others, ensuring a consistent quality by sharing your expertise within reviews. 

You’ll keep the team informed on your progress – identifying risks and issues along the way. 

You’re team focused and offer help. 

What we’re looking for

  • You have a demonstrable talent shown in a world class showreel and “gameography”.
  • Expert understanding of the 12 principles of animation
  • High quality keyframe animation
  • Expert in Human & Creature animation
  • Combat animation experience
  • Experience with Mocap and Mocap data
  • Maya expert and can use a range of tools if needed
  • Rigging / technical animation skills a plus
  • Experience with cutting edge animation tools/methodologies a plus (MM/Procedural)
  • Works with other crafts to bring the best out of the game (concept/weapons/vfx/costume/world)
  • Cinematics experience a plus
  • Motion graphics VFX a plus